EZ Jet Founder Pleads Guilty

Sonny Ramdeo, the founder and former CEO of the defunct Guyanese airilne EZ Jet, has admitted guilt to charges including embezzling between $20 and $50 million. The funds were taken from Promise Healthcare/Success Healthcare in Ramdeo’s role as payroll manager for those companies. They were then used to financially support his EZ Jet airline which failed in late 2012.

EZ Jet had been accused of receiving funds from politically connected Guyanese and questioned about the viability of their business model. And in an interview with a blogging site, Ramdeo admitted to knowing that cocaine was being transported on EZ Jet flights.

Wait. Was the cocaine transporting a part of the business plan or an unfortunate incidental? Ramdeo has avoided a trial with his plea deal so this line of inquiry might be left in the dust. Did their partners Dynamic Airways and Swift Air know about this? Did the former World Airways executives – Robert DuBois, Richard Lee, Rick McGough – who worked for EZ Jet know? Maybe Richard Lee could talk about his past dealings with Gaddafi’s Libya. That might be tangential but nevertheless very interesting.

Likely the case will be that Ramdeo goes to prison for a long time while everyone else walks away unscathed.

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